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Hasse Family Chiropractic wants to offer you a chance to regain your health and vitality through natural options. Often times people will say their symptoms are normal for their age or that a family member had it so I will too. Even worse today on TV there are many shows making jokes or disregarding as normal these often devastating to our day to day conditions. Many of the women's healthcare problems seen in the office are just not that way.

Dr. Hasse is dedicated in providing you with long term solutions to the troubling symptoms you are experiencing. Think of when was the last time you went to sleep easy and woke up refreshed (without coffee/caffeine). Has it been awhile? This is a common yet not normal experience for many individuals that is starting at an even younger age.

While the standard of care can be hormonal replacement therapy a lot of the time and even bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, the body is not learning how to be healthy in this situation. Imagine if your women's healthcare symptom was due to congested liver function which was not allowing your body to balance the amount of hormones you have or don't have in your blood stream. By adding more hormones to the system yes you will see some symptomatic relief, but for how long, and is it really addressing the core problem that your body has?

These conditions all have ways of being helped through prevention and/or specific treatment options:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Unwanted menopausal symptoms
  • Unwanted Symptoms during and after Pregnancy
  • Depression
  • Memory fog
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Recurrent UTIs

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