Diabetes and Chiropractic



The Center for Disease and Control states diabetes is one of the fastest growing epidemics effecting our country. With 20.9 million people diagnosed a few years ago in the United States and estimates the statistic is higher now there is a real threat to the American people. It used to be a disease of adults for a type 2 diabetic, but even this is not the case anymore with juvenile diabetes on the rise as well. This is a very real problem with solutions that unfortunately many people disregard until it is too late.

The most common complications of diabetes:

  • Unstable blood glucose levels
  • Energy or mood changes
  • Neuropathy or loss of feeling in the extremities like the feet
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Constant food cravings
  • Progression of many other diseases due to the diabetes

Both types of diabetic patients come with unique health complications that need to be treated specifically to that person. Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes require careful management to solve the complicating factor for that individual person. Although type 1 diabetes is life long there are ways to make it a less stressful experience for the individual. With type 2 diabetes between lifestyle modification, supporting the body as a whole there are many success stories to be had. Diabetes and chiropractic care work hand in hand by helping restore proper nervous system function throughout the body.

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